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I'm Minda

Thank you for checking out my website!

I am a Northwest photographer & 
I genuinely enjoy making people crack up while I take their photos. 
It's also the BEST feeling when you make someone feel beautiful or empowered (or both) in front of the camera.
Comfort, collaboration, fun, & creativity are super important to me
during your photo shoot. 
I want to create photos that you & your family will enjoy for years to come!

 A little bit about me...
I am a NW gal who enjoys eating tacos, loving on all the puppies & kitties in the world, drinking iced coffee obsessively, & of course, taking lots of pictures.
I live in Washington state with my hilarious, smart, & very virgo, husband Tyler; who happens to also be my bestie, along with our anxious but adorable cross-eyed cat Luna & our very hyper but cuddly kitten Ludo.
I started my digital photography journey taking my best friend's senior photos around ten years ago & ever since then; I just haven't stopped taking pictures.
I. Can't. Stop.

If you like laughing until you cry (in a good way!) then I am the photographer for you! 


Portland, Oregon & Vancouver, Washington & Travel Photographer


Call or text: (360) 281-7889

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