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Meet Your Photographer

Hey there, I am Minda. I am a Pacific Northwest photographer.

That's me! (You can tell green & nature is sorta my thing) I am also married to my best friend, T, for about four years now (together for 8). Met first when he was a cute barista boy back in the day, & then after that we even ended up working together at a sandwich shop. Then next we became best friends, & then, (finally) fell in love.

We live in a tiny townhouse with our two cats, Luna & Ludo.

Ludo (Top pic) is our newest member of the family. A rescue. & Luna (Bottom) is our older cat of about four years now.

I fell in love with photography about nine years ago! & Haven't stopped shooting since! BUT about a week before my 28th birthday at the end of March this year; I quit my job to become a FULL TIME PHOTOGRAPHER. I enjoy meeting new people, taking FUN & creative photos, & my favorite part is when the client absolutely falls in love with a picture of themselves & sees themselves through my eyes! I want you to not only feel comfortable when we shoot but to also laugh really loud & have the best freaking time ever. Are you ready to book a photo shoot with me?! -Minda P.

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