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Branden & Aspen

Two of my oldest & dearest friends, Branden & Aspen, who also happen to be the cutest couple & parents to the cutest boys; let me take their family portraits this year! & it went like...

Talk about a BEAUTIFUL family. I bought some bubbles for the boys to play with during the photo shoot. We also shot these photos at their home & the park nearby their house. Both of these pieces giving these photos the authentic & candid look I LOVE to go for! You gotta meet all kids where they're at. Whether they have a ton of fun energy or just feeling sad that day. TAKE the picture.

Of course mom & dad are as cute as can be!

We live for these cute dad & baby moments!!!

Mama & baby moments too! Just look at these faces! These two parents are just so loving & natural with their sons. It's really cool to watch... let alone take pictures!!!

A little bit blurry is okay especially when the photo is THIS CUTE!

Look at these handsome boys right here!

Remember to just have fun with a family photo shoot! Silly faces are one hundred percent acceptable around here.

Thanks for reading! Happy Shooting, - Minda P.

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