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City Home Shoot with Mariah

One of our local favorite shops, City Home, is a REALLY well decorated & put together little decor shop. Mariah, my model & sister, loves this place & she was the one who told me all about it. We went there just to go explore the shop & were instantly inspired. We introduced ourselves to the staff, Mariah asked the manager if we could take a few quick photos in the shop, I grabbed my camera... & here is how our photo shoot went!

These are some headshots we took of her! I do have a HUGE thank you to City Home for being so kind (the entire staff including the manager were super helpful & sweet) & letting us take a few photos while we shopped here! If you have a City Home in your town... go check it out ASAP! Now, for the headshot aspect with Mariah, she is a real estate agent so we wanted to get some fun & creative photos of her! What do you think? Happy Shooting! - Minda P.

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