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3 Tips on How to Choose Your Photographer

Hiii all! It's me, I am back with some more tips for you!

SO. You are looking for a photographer & there are a LOT of them out there. Who do you choose & how? It seems like everyone & their grandma is a photographer so sometimes it makes it super difficult to just pick even one!

  1. Pricing is probably the most obvious factor when choosing a photographer. Consider your budget & how much you want to spend. But also know that you are getting a photographer who's skill level matches up with the price you are willing to pay!

  2. Editing style. Aside from the pricing; do you like that photographers work? Most photographers have a set editing style (mostly) & even if the price is right for you... they most likely will be doing your photos in their editing style! That's what they know how to do. So make sure you are also okay with their style before booking! Because that'll be what your photos will look like when they do them.

3. & FINALLY. Do you vibe with your photographer? I know it seems like a weird one to add but it's super important that you like them enough before you shoot! Do they match your energy or even bring you some energy that you were missing? Do you feel comfortable being around them? Do you follow them on Social Media & see how they are or seem? Don't be afraid to see if you can call or FaceTime (if you are not able to meet up in person before the shoot). Anyways, I hope this helps you have a better idea on what to look for when you are choosing your photographer! Maybe YOU have some ideas that have worked well for you? What would you add to the list? What are some things that I haven't mentioned that you are already have on your list when looking? Please feel free to comment or ask anything! Happy Shooting, -Minda P.

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