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How to Prepare for Your Photo Shoot

You have a photo shoot coming up? You've never done one before? Well, buddy, I have some tips for you! Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself for the shoot & that will hopefully calm any anxieties you may have.

1st - Did you ask your photographer lots of questions? Seriously ask away! You want ideas on what to wear? You wanna know what your photographer is expecting from you? Please feel free to ask away! 2nd - Did you write down the date & time of your shoot? Mark it in your calendar & set yourself a reminder so you don't miss anything! 3rd - Check the weather! The week before & then the day of! It can help you dress accordingly. Don't be afraid to bring a jacket just in case though. & maybe some easy to walk in shoes to change into if you have to wear heels or do any hiking.

4th - Don't be afraid to bring snacks on the shoot. Especially if you have little ones. Dog treats if you're bringing your furbaby. You can double check with your photographer to make sure they're fine with that but I am sure they will be! 5th - Try on your clothes BEFORE the shoot, the sooner the better, actually. You can see if you like how you look in them or if they don't look how you pictured & that way you'll have enough time to get something else if needed. SAME with haircuts. Unless you know exactly what you're getting haircut wise... give yourself two weeks before a shoot! It'll grow out a little bit if you don't like it or maybe you just want more practice with styling it. 6th - FINAL note; just ask your photographer. We are SO happy to help make you enjoy your photo shoot & are willing to do our best to give you an answer for any & every question. We want you to feel comfortable & HOT on your shoot with us. Anywho, I hope these may have answered some questions you had & that you feel more prepared for your shoot! Feel free to comment with any more questions you may have as well. Happy Shooting! -Minda P.

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